• Late Aug 2013 production WRAPPED. COMPLETED Sept & 'R' rated. Cannes 2014 rumors abound.
  • I've posted 50+ "MOST ANTICIPATED FILM" lists for 'Maps To The Stars' at blog; HERE'S QUOTES...
  • “The director’s most promising cast in a long-time with the return of Pattinson & Gadon, [joined by Cusack, Moore, Wasikowska, Williams, Fisher.] ~IndieWire
  • "Maps To The Stars is bound to be bizarre– and if anyone can find something new to say about our...
  • ...obsession with fame and curious world of image-making, Cronenberg is the man to do it.” ~ScreenCrush
  • “My interest here should be obvious, it’s a Cronenberg film, need I say more?” ~Rope of Silicon
  • “Maps sure sounds juicy.” ~Indiewire
  • “This [Maps To The Stars] could all go way out of control, but that’s kind of what we want, right? ~HitFix
  • “I’m busy drooling over the Cronenberg/Pattinson reunion.” ~MovieMezzanine
  • “There’s really no denying the allure and force of a David Cronenberg project.” ~Sound on Sight
  • “Once again teams the director with Robert Pattinson, this time alongside a dreamy ensemble." ~Indiewire
  • “It looks to be a festival favourite.” ~Bangkok Post
  • “Wasikowska is becoming a great actress, and it’s nice to see...
  • “Robert Pattinson leap into auteur-driven art house projects, post-Twilight fame.” ~Blackbook
  • “We’re excited about the simplistically cryptic description of the screipt as “very extreme...
  • ...we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the finished product” ~IonCinema
  • “...[Cronenberg’s] wicked sense of humor [focused on this pitch-black social satire] should be a sight; consider the lineup...
  • ... [cast listed] it’s hard to imagine many films will incite more of a visceral thrill this year.” ~TheFilmStage
  • Here's other film buzz QUOTES on 'Maps To The Stars'....
  • “If the impressive nature of the cast was not enough for you, the combination of screwed up families...
  • ...and ghosts (real or figurative) should at least get you into a seat.” ~We Got This Covered
  • “Maps To The Stars has an intriguing premise, a stellar cast and a director who never...
  • ...pulls his punches. Get ready to squirm.” ~We Got This Covered
  • "His films may be freaky and funky and may not appeal to the average Joe Moviegoer, but stars...
  • "line up to work with David Cronenberg." ~IndieWire
  • “Unique stories usually married with inventive visuals, the filmmaker makes the kind of movies...
  • ... “...few get the chance to in Hollywood.” Indiewire

2014 “Most Anticipated Film” (or similar) Lists Made by ‘Maps To The Stars’ – COLLECTION & links- more than 60 lists!

Most Anticipated Films 2014 - MTTS Producers and Crew Production Information

Update 2/20/14: This post was first published 12/31/13 when I anticipated that Maps To The Stars would be making a lot of “most anticipated film” lists for 2014. Was I right or was I right? There’s over fifty listings (all linked to sources) saying so!

The Producer of Maps To The Stars (and also the currently filming Robert Pattinson starring film Life) seems to be anticipating 2014 with excitement too? From Michel Merkt’s Facebook page- he says the team is READY!

TWEETS: New Zealand Film Festival Viewers Thoughts on ‘Maps To The Stars’

Festivals REVIEWS: Viewer Tweets Tweets - Other

I’ve been re-tweeting comments on Maps To The Stars out of the New Zealand Film Festival where it’s now playing. Here they are in a post. To be fair I included the two negative ones, but we can see it’s overwhelmingly positive among those I’ve found so far.

@STIVVY Shit that was a great @nzff day – MAPS TO THE STARS, WHITE GOD, COLD IN JULY triple feature and too many coffees. Freaking rad.

POSTER: German ‘Maps To The Stars’

Movie Poster

Source: KinoFilme Via


German VIDEO: ‘Maps To The Stars’- new footage, my screencaps, Pattinson, Bird, Cusack interviewed (snippets)

Amanda Brugel Evan Bird Film Buzz/News Film Clip Interview: VIDEO John Cusack Robert Pattinson Video

Here’s a video in German about Maps To The Stars. There’s some good images in here, and new footage of Evan Bird and Amanda Brugel. We can also make out the responses of some of the actors in what look like onset interviews- Rob, Evan and John Cusack. There’s clips from the film we’ve seen before, too, and arrival of David Cronenberg and cast at Cannes. Nice find from a German fan, @lurker1510.

TRAILER: English spoken, with Subtitles – ‘Maps To The Stars’


The distributor for Maps To The Stars there is Cineart.

Howe Records to Release ‘Maps To The Stars’ Soundtrack by Howard Shore – 9/9/14

Howard Shore Soundtrack and/or Score

On twitter yesterday, news about the release date of the Maps To The Stars soundtrack from this LA-based site. I don’t have another source on this, I assume it’s correct in its reporting.
Howe Records will release on September 9th ‘Maps to the Stars’ composed by Howard Shore http://t.co/h8BsWuKrH8 pic.twitter.

NEWS: ‘Maps To The Stars’ Will Have a Gala Premiere at TIFF 2014 [Tweets]

Cast & Crew: TWEETS from Festivals Film Buzz/News TIFF Tweets - Other

These tweets show a lot of excitement at the news yesterday, albeit not unexpected, that Maps To The Stars will be at TIFF. I have to start with my tweet, where I was so excited I “stuttered” when I typed David. The film was selected for a Gala Presentation, too!

Martin Katz’ of Prospero Pictures gives us sleeping ‘Jerome’ (Robert Pattinson) and the trailer in one of his tweets.

PHOTOs: Robert Pattinson at March 2014 Canadian Screen Awards

Martin Katz Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Appearances

Here’s two photos of Robert Pattinson at the Canadian Screen Awards dinner, with producer Martin Katz in the first. David Cronenberg received his lifetime achievement award at the ceremony this year. Click on the tag at the end of this post for more posts at this blog on that CSA event.

NEW POSTER: International Poster for ‘Maps To The Stars’ – Julianne Moore image; quote on Pattinson

Julianne Moore Movie Poster Robert Pattinson

The Film Stage has posted a new international poster for Maps To The Stars, it features Julianne Moore and has a nice quote on Robert Pattinson.
“Winningly played by Robert Pattinson”
A new international poster for ‘Maps to the Stars.’ See our review, trailers, and more: http://t.co/Ksn6Us1gBz pic.twitter.

INTERVIEW: David Cronenberg with Cahiers du Cinema – Maps To The Stars

David Cronenberg Interview Interview: Print

Thanks goes to LeRPattzClub for the scans and the hard work of Maps to The Stars France for translating the lengthy interview into English.

I have only brought a portion of the interview here, one should give a hit to the source site for their hard work translating the interview.  I omitted the beginning and came in just after a reference to children that has a spoiler.

NEW STILL: Another Behind-the-Scenes – ‘Maps To The Stars’ below the Hollywood Sign

David Cronenberg Hollywood Sign in LA Mia Wasikowska Official Stills Robert Pattinson

Here’s a still that was included in an interview with David Cronenberg in the French magazine, Cahiers du Cinema. He’s speaking to his actors Mia Wasikowska and Robert Pattinson.

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