• 'Maps To The Stars' Premiered at Cannes 2014, in competition.
  • Julianne Moore Won Best Actress at Cannes for her MTTS Performance!
  • 'Maps To The Stars' Had an Exciting & Well-Received Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 9, 2014
  • I was at TIFF for the red carpet arrivals, the premiere, & second screening 9/10. Saw David Cronenberg, Robert Pattinson & all the cast.
  • Next up for 'Maps To The Stars': It opens in the US on February 27, 2015
  • Next up for 'Maps To The Stars': Julianne Moore in contention for Golden Globes for lead role

Maps To The Stars Opens in Theatres & VOD, iTunes Today in the US!

Distribution Release Dates

Big day for US movie goers and fans of Maps To The Stars! The film opens in theaters and VOD and iTunes as well. Everyone who wants to can watch today one way or another!

edit 2/28/15: Deadline reported  yesterday “Focus World will open Maps To The Stars in a hefty 66 theaters Friday and will continue to roll it out theatrically based on the numbers.

GALLERY: ‘Maps To The Stars’ Stills – over 55 photos!

Evan Bird John Cusack Julianne Moore Mia Wasikowska Official Stills Olivia Williams Robert Pattinson Sarah Gadon

Here’s a comprehensive collection of stills from Maps To The Stars. They come from my postings throughout the year of Official Stills (sources in those posts), and a couple new ones I found. This gallery also includes a handful of stills that may be screencaps, but they were with official stills at what seemed to be a distributor or film portal site.

VIEW ON THIS SITE: Awards & Other Notice for ‘Maps To The Stars’ & Cast

Awards (all posts on) Awards: Buzz Awards: Noms & Wins FAVORITE or FEATURED Posts at this blog Julianne Moore MASTER POSTs

I’ve organized my menu structure, in this site’s second black bar, so you can easily keep up with the notice and award noms and wins for Maps To The Stars, and for the cast, as well. For example, Julianne Moore has a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical. She won Best Actress at Cannes, too, for MTTS. Hover over the “Awards/Notice” item just above this post, and you’ll see this drop down menu:

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 11.18.29 AM

Click on a topic of interest to view the summary posts to give you the big picture of what’s out there so far; click this at the bottom of an individual post for more details:

‘Maps To The Stars’ Blu-ray Releases on April 14th

DVD & Blu-ray

News from Universal Studios Home Entertainment about the Blu-ray for Maps To The Stars.  It appears there will be no special features. I love David Cronenberg commentaries, so disappointed in that news.

Howe Records Releases ‘Maps To The Stars’ Soundtrack – composer Howard Shore

Howard Shore Soundtrack and/or Score

The quote pull-out and bolding is mine for emphasis. Note in addition to the Cannes Soundtrack award, Howard Shore received a Canadian Screen Award for best score for Maps To The Stars this week, as well.

‘Maps To The Stars’ Wins Two Canadian Screen Awards March 1, 2015 – Score, Supporting Actor

Awards (all posts on) Awards: Noms & Wins Cast Clara Pasieka Howard Shore Julianne Moore Martin Katz Sarah Gadon

Sunday night the Canadian Screen Awards winners were announced on twitter, and later that evening in a television broadcast on CBC. I tweeted the results as they came across twitter @MTTSFilm_blog. Maps To The Stars was nominated for 11 awards, and won two. Howard Shore won for the score and John Cusack won for performance by an actor in a supporting role.

VIDEO: Bruce Wagner to David Cronenberg “Beverly Hills memories”; my exclusive pic of his Map hand tattoo

Bruce Wagner Video

A fun short video from IndieWire, Bruce Wagner and David Cronenberg in a limo riding around Beverly Hills, Wagner relating memories of his youth growing up there. I am especially enjoying this video again after I myself got to chat with Bruce Wagner in Boston just last weekend at his Q&A following a showing of Maps To The Stars. I’ve added the photo I took of him below.

INTERVIEW: David Cronenberg on ‘Maps To The Stars’ – The Verge

David Cronenberg David Cronenberg - Career and Films Interview: Print

Mia Wasikowska as "Agatha Weiss" at her mother

Here’s an excerpt of the interview on Maps To The Stars from the director David Cronenberg, about this being the first shoot he’s done in the US. The film opens in the US in a few days.

INTERVIEW: David Cronenberg “on his incest-heavy” Maps To The Stars – also Cosmopolis, social media on set

David Cronenberg David Cronenberg - Career and Films Interview: Print

I really enjoyed this interview with David Cronenberg, published on the eve of Maps To The Stars hitting US theaters and VOD this week. I’ve brought in only the beginning, please go to the source link for the rest. The interview was done in the fall in Toronto. There’s some talk of Cosmopolis, too, which I like in this interview (my first film site was on that movie.

Film Flare: “The 15 Best Male & 15 Female Performances of 2014″ – Bird & Wasikowska

Best of 2014 Lists: MTTS Cast Evan Bird Julianne Moore Mia Wasikowska

Lovely to see Evan Bird and Mia Wasikowska get recognition for their performances in Maps To The Stars. The focus has been so much on Julianne Moore, and understandably so. But the two younger actors deserve a spotlight for their fine work as well. Julianne makes Film Flare’s list, too.

VIDEO: David Cronenberg – a 7-Minute Look At His Films ‘Live for Films’ [via @ThePlaylist]

David Cronenberg David Cronenberg - Career and Films Video

I love this! A tribute video to David Cronenberg’s films- there’s about half-dozen shots of Maps To The Stars, and same for Cosmopolis (in which both Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon starred as well.)  If you have a queasy stomach- warning it gets rough after about 5 minutes in (and not safe for work.

FILM STILLS: New High Quality Stills from ‘Maps To The Stars’

Mia Wasikowska Official Stills Robert Pattinson

Really great quality stills have become available! Some I’ve seen before, some are new. All new ones are added to the gallery of stills, which can be found in the top black menu bar above, under “stills/clips”.

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