• Late Aug 2013 production WRAPPED. COMPLETED Sept & 'R' rated. Cannes 2014 rumors abound.
  • I've posted 50+ "MOST ANTICIPATED FILM" lists for 'Maps To The Stars' at blog; HERE'S QUOTES...
  • “The director’s most promising cast in a long-time with the return of Pattinson & Gadon, [joined by Cusack, Moore, Wasikowska, Williams, Fisher.] ~IndieWire
  • "Maps To The Stars is bound to be bizarre– and if anyone can find something new to say about our...
  • ...obsession with fame and curious world of image-making, Cronenberg is the man to do it.” ~ScreenCrush
  • “My interest here should be obvious, it’s a Cronenberg film, need I say more?” ~Rope of Silicon
  • “Maps sure sounds juicy.” ~Indiewire
  • “This [Maps To The Stars] could all go way out of control, but that’s kind of what we want, right? ~HitFix
  • “I’m busy drooling over the Cronenberg/Pattinson reunion.” ~MovieMezzanine
  • “There’s really no denying the allure and force of a David Cronenberg project.” ~Sound on Sight
  • “Once again teams the director with Robert Pattinson, this time alongside a dreamy ensemble." ~Indiewire
  • “It looks to be a festival favourite.” ~Bangkok Post
  • “Wasikowska is becoming a great actress, and it’s nice to see...
  • “Robert Pattinson leap into auteur-driven art house projects, post-Twilight fame.” ~Blackbook
  • “We’re excited about the simplistically cryptic description of the screipt as “very extreme...
  • ...we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the finished product” ~IonCinema
  • “...[Cronenberg’s] wicked sense of humor [focused on this pitch-black social satire] should be a sight; consider the lineup...
  • ... [cast listed] it’s hard to imagine many films will incite more of a visceral thrill this year.” ~TheFilmStage
  • Here's other film buzz QUOTES on 'Maps To The Stars'....
  • “If the impressive nature of the cast was not enough for you, the combination of screwed up families...
  • ...and ghosts (real or figurative) should at least get you into a seat.” ~We Got This Covered
  • “Maps To The Stars has an intriguing premise, a stellar cast and a director who never...
  • ...pulls his punches. Get ready to squirm.” ~We Got This Covered
  • "His films may be freaky and funky and may not appeal to the average Joe Moviegoer, but stars...
  • "line up to work with David Cronenberg." ~IndieWire
  • “Unique stories usually married with inventive visuals, the filmmaker makes the kind of movies...
  • ... “...few get the chance to in Hollywood.” Indiewire

International Release Dates: for David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps To The Stars’ (last update 8/29/14)

Release Dates

I’m posting what I find on release dates for ‘Maps To The Stars’ as I encounter them. I caution that I can’t always vouch for their accuracy, but I provide the original source link for you when I have it. I’ll update with new listings, and any corrections that might need to be made as we approach the theatrical release of the film worldwide.

2014 “Most Anticipated Film” (or similar) Lists Made by ‘Maps To The Stars’ – COLLECTION & links- more than 60 lists!

Most Anticipated Films 2014 - MTTS Producers and Crew Production Information

Update 2/20/14: This post was first published 12/31/13 when I anticipated that Maps To The Stars would be making a lot of “most anticipated film” lists for 2014. Was I right or was I right? There’s over fifty listings (all linked to sources) saying so!

The Producer of Maps To The Stars (and also the currently filming Robert Pattinson starring film Life) seems to be anticipating 2014 with excitement too? From Michel Merkt’s Facebook page- he says the team is READY!

FILM CLIP: In German, Wasikowska (‘Agatha’) dancing? & Cusack (Dr. Stafford Weiss) on TV

Film Clip John Cusack Mia Wasikowska

Here’s another clip, in German, from Maps To The Stars. Mia’s Wasikowska is cute in this. I don’t know what she’s doing exactly, but..

Source:  MFA+FilmDistribution Youtube  Thanks to German speaker @lurker1510 for the find!

If you want to see all film clips on my site, see the black menu bar at the top of the site, or click at the top  of this post, the blue button “film clip.

FILM CLIP: In German, Wasikowska (‘Agatha’) & Pattinson on ‘Jerome”s Movie Set

Film Clip Mia Wasikowska Robert Pattinson

What a find this is- a new clip from Maps To The Stars! Seems to be from a German movie or distribution site. But don’t look if you want to keep a fun surprise for the movie.

This is a hilarious makeup/costume for Robert Pattinson’s character ‘Jerome’. It must be him on the set of “Blue Matrix” the film he speaks of in another Maps To The Stars scene as one he secured a part.

‘Maps To The Stars’ Cast Member Sarah Gadon in Venice – beautiful photo from her Instagram

Fashion Sarah Gadon

Gorgeous girl and gorgeous dress. Sarah Gadon attended the Birdman premiere and opening festivities at the Venice Film Festival.  More photos can be found at this Getty Images link.
The end of a very special night in #venice http://t.

‘Maps To The Stars’ Cast Member Amanda Brugel Goes Shopping!

Amanda Brugel Fashion TIFF 2014 - MTTS

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.36.10 AM

‘Maps To The Stars’ Cast Member Clara Pasieka Goes Dress Shopping for TIFF – @YEAHshorts

Clara Pasieka Fashion TIFF 2014 - MTTS

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.09.06 AM

INTERVIEW: Cast Member Christian Lloyd Speaks of ‘Maps To The Stars’ VIDEO

Christian Lloyd Interview: VIDEO Video

Christian Lloyd plays ‘Stu’, a Hollywood executive in David Cronenberg’s Maps To The Stars. Besides being an actor, Christian’s a writer and photographer. He talks of Maps To The Stars, I’ve transcribed his quote for you, and how David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers inspired him to become an actor.
“It’s an examination of Hollywood as a machine.

FESTIVAL – TIFF: ‘Maps To The Stars’ To Play the Festival Sept. 9th & Sept. 10th

Festivals TIFF TIFF 2014 - MTTS

From the TIFF website, here’s the page that tells us that ‘Maps To The Stars’- a Gala Presentation at the festival- will screen first on Tuesday September 9th, and then again the next day, the 10th.

Most of the cast is expected to attend per producer Martin Katz. Please click on this previously published post for who’s known to be attending now, along with their photos posted as expected guests from the TIFF site.

TIFF Has Announced “The Wall of Talent” – Who’ll Attend Festival – Here’s from ‘Maps To The Stars’


FESTIVAL: ‘Maps To The Stars’ to Appear at Vancouver Film Festival – 9/25-10/10/14

Festivals Film Buzz/News

As previously reported here and on twitter, Maps To The Stars will be playing at the Vancouver Film Festival.

I spy #MapsToTheStars here too! RT @VIFFest: [..] Award-Winning films screening at #VIFF 2014 http://t.co/fmIg0nIakX pic.twitter.com/OKVMxRhk2J — Maps To The Stars (@MTTSFilm_blog) August 13, 2014

As for a date, we don’t have one yet, the site says the following.

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson accepts the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” from Zac Efron – Hilarious

Robert Pattinson

This challenge is to raise money for ALS. His way of taking on the challenge is hilarious. I really did very loudly laugh out loud on how he improvised not having a bucket of water for the ice…. Rob is truly a creative, and fun, guy.

Kudos to Zac Efron and Rob for participating in this effort to raise awareness and money to address the challenges with this devastating disease, ALS.

FESTIVAL: ‘Maps To The Stars’ will play at the Atlantic Film Festival 9/18/14 in Nova Scotia

Festivals Film Buzz/News

Maps To The Stars will be at another North American festival. It will play as the closing Gala film at the Atlantic Film Festival, @TheFilmFest and web site atlanticfilm.com. Below is a link to buy tickets on September 18th.

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