• 'Maps To The Stars' Had an Exciting & Well-Received Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 9, 2014
  • For theatrical releases, 'Maps To The Stars' opens in many markets this fall across the world; the US will be in 2015.
  • 'Maps To The Stars' played in competition at Cannes Film Festival in May 2014 & Julianne Moore was awarded Best Actress Palme there.
  • Next up for 'Maps To The Stars': It plays at the New York Film Festival 9/27/14 & I'll attend. Julianne Moore & David Cronenberg will attend.
  • I was at TIFF for the red carpet arrivals, the premiere, & second screening 9/10. Saw David Cronenberg, Robert Pattinson & all the cast.

BuckyW’s Report on Attending ‘Maps To The Stars’ Premiere Screening #TIFF14 – Great seats, pics, experience!

TIFF 2014 - MTTS TIFF 2014: BuckyW's Coverage of in Toronto

On September 9 I attended the Maps The Stars Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Here’s my story about my experience. It was so much fun to finally be there seeing the film at TIFF- my 3rd time at the festival too. The first I saw David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method.

VIDEO & Tweet transcripts: ‘Maps to the Stars’ Press Conference – 9/9/14 @MTTSFilm_blog @TIFF_net

TIFF TIFF 2014 - MTTS TIFF 2014: BuckyW's Coverage of in Toronto

Here’s close to 30 tweets from me and about 20 from TIFF, relating content in this morning’s press conference for Maps To The Stars.  Read tweets from the bottom up if you want from start to finish.
Here’s the press conference VIDEO:

MAPS TO THE STARS Press Conference | Festival…

International Release Dates: for David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps To The Stars’ (last update 10/23/14)

Release Dates

I’m posting what I find on release dates for ‘Maps To The Stars’ as I encounter them. I caution that I can’t always vouch for their accuracy, but I provide the original source link for you when I have it. I’ll update with new listings, and any corrections that might need to be made as we approach the theatrical release of the film worldwide.

INTERVIEW: Moviefone with Julianne Moore about her character ‘Havana’

Interview Interview: VIDEO Julianne Moore TIFF 2014 - MTTS Video

Julianne Moore said she had so much fun playing her character in Maps To The Stars and she credits a lot to Bruce Wagner’s language and David Cronenberg being so prepared. He’s already figured everything out from every single angle.

She speaks highly of her co-star actress Mia Wasikowska. “She’s such a great actress and so assured” she “has tremendous depth.

INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson & John Cusack w/ Cineplex on ‘Maps To The Stars’ VIDEO

Evan Bird Interview Interview: VIDEO John Cusack Robert Pattinson TIFF 2014 - MTTS Video

Here’s a brief video from Cineplex with Robert Pattinson, John Cusack and Evan Bird about Maps To The Stars.


From Tiffany Wong at Cineplex:
“David Cronenberg’s latest venture takes us, quite literally, into the heart of Hollywood.

Interview: David Cronenberg with Dork Shelf; Wide-ranging, two excerpts

David Cronenberg David Cronenberg - Career and Films David Cronenberg - The Writer Interview Interview: Print

There’s so much in this interview with David Cronenberg with Dorkshelf, you should click on the source link below and give it a full read. I picked out two passages that particularly interested me.

The first in on the reputation he’s earned of actors loving to work with him. When I met Mr.

INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson with Yahoo Canada at TIFF – Working with Cronenberg, weirdos (not linked!)

Interview: VIDEO Robert Pattinson TIFF 2014 - MTTS TIFF 2014: BuckyW's Coverage of in Toronto Video

Here’s an interview with Yahoo Canada. Robert Pattinson speaks of enjoying working on a Cronenberg set and tells us he finds weirdo’s interesting and entertaining, and has a lot of patience for them. No, he’s not talking of Mr. Cronenberg. I think he means some actors, lol.

For some reason I can’t copy the embed code, it won’t stay in my clipboard.
Here’s the direct link to WATCH.

INTERVIEW: SceneCreek’s of John Cusack at TIFF – ‘Maps To The Stars’ script & more

David Cronenberg Interview Interview: VIDEO John Cusack TIFF 2014 - MTTS Video

John Cusack was interviewed by SceneCreek at TIFF last month for the Maps To The Stars premiere there. He talks about Bruce Wagner’s script, and David Cronenberg’s direction, and the combination.

He also talks about how he’s chosen roles in his career, and how the industry has changed from when he was a younger actor.

BUZZFEED: David Cronenberg INTERVIEW “The Intimate Act Of Writing A Novel”

David Cronenberg David Cronenberg - Career and Films David Cronenberg - The Writer Interview: Print

Here’s an extensive interview with David Cronenberg, who’s promoting his first novel Consumed. I brought in only a few excerpts, any fan of the director should read the full interview. Click the source link at the bottom of this post to access. Wish she wasn’t kidding asking about how it was to work with Robert Pattinson.

INTERVIEW: Audio of David Cronenberg on ‘Maps To The Stars’

David Cronenberg Interview Interview: VIDEO Video

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.13.51 AM

David Cronenberg is speaking to 680News (@680News) about Maps To The Stars in this audio interview. I’ll comment on a little of the content, and I transcribed a quote from Cronenberg about how because of the internet and social media the intensity of the gaze on celebrities is much greater than when Bruce Wagner wrote his script (20 years ago).

INTERVIEW: Moviefone with Robert Pattinson at TIFF 2014 – Child Actors in HW

Interview Interview: VIDEO Robert Pattinson TIFF 2014 - MTTS Video

Another interview done at TIFF, this with Moviefone.

Again (earlier post today, another interview) Rob is asked, as John Cusack has been, too, about child actors in Hollywood and does Maps To the Stars show Hollywood in an accurate light.  He says he’s not sure he’s qualified to answer about Hollywood- he’s not even sure what Hollywood is- as he sort of fell into it.

INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson at TIFF – On seeing nasty Benjie behavior on set; Cronenberg, & career talk

Interview Interview: VIDEO Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson - Career and Films Robert Pattinson - New Horizons Video

Here’s a video of an interview with Robert Pattinson done by SceneCreek in Toronto during TIFF. I transcribed some of it, directly related to Maps To The Stars, but also his talk about how he chooses film projects and whether he might direct one day.

Maps To The Stars B-Roll – 13 minutes Behind-The-Scenes Filming

Film Clip Video

Here’s 13 minutes of behind-the-scenes filming of Maps To The Stars. I assume it’s from a DVD released. The film has not yet appeared in the states, I don’t have a DVD myself yet. I’ve seen it three times though, twice at TIFF and then at the NYFF!

If you’ve not seen the film, if it were me, I’d wait to watch this. No big spoilers though.

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