• 'Maps To The Stars' Had an Exciting & Well-Received Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 9, 2014
  • For theatrical releases, 'Maps To The Stars' opens in many markets this fall across the world; the US will be in 2015.
  • 'Maps To The Stars' played in competition at Cannes Film Festival in May 2014 & Julianne Moore was awarded Best Actress Palme there.
  • Next up for 'Maps To The Stars': It plays at the New York Film Festival 9/27/14 & I'll attend. Julianne Moore & David Cronenberg will attend.
  • I was at TIFF for the red carpet arrivals, the premiere, & second screening 9/10. Saw David Cronenberg, Robert Pattinson & all the cast.

BuckyW’s Report on Attending ‘Maps To The Stars’ Premiere Screening #TIFF14 – Great seats, pics, experience!

TIFF 2014 - MTTS TIFF 2014: BuckyW's Coverage of in Toronto

On September 9 I attended the Maps The Stars Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Here’s my story about my experience. It was so much fun to finally be there seeing the film at TIFF- my 3rd time at the festival too. The first I saw David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method.

New STILL: Robert Pattinson as Jerome Fontana in ‘Maps To The Stars’

Robert Pattinson

A great new still from a Japanese site, found by a Robert Pattinson fan. Thanks @lurker1510.

Maps To The Stars Interview (Web Only) – At the Movies – ABC TV

Interview: VIDEO John Cusack Mia Wasikowska TIFF 2014 - MTTS Video

David Stratton of “At the Movies with Margaret and David” speaks with director, David Cronenberg and actors, Mia Wasikowska and John Cusack. I think this was done at Cannes although it doesn’t say.

Mia says she likes all of David Cronenberg’s films and she liked the idea of playing a “perky psychopath”!
I cannot embed this video so CLICK HERE to view.

Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone: “Maps To The Stars” not getting attention it deserves

Film Buzz/News

Sasha Stone is spotlighting David Cronenberg’s Maps To The Stars in an article today.

Interview: CBC News with Robert Pattinson at ‘Maps To The Stars’ TIFF Premiere

Interview Interview: Live Interview: VIDEO Robert Pattinson TIFF 2014 - MTTS

Robert Pattinson speaks to CBC news about Hollywood and David Cronenberg. This was done on the red carpet at TIFF at the premiere there in September.

Source:   CBC.

Pattinson reflects on a changing L.A., his film Maps to the Stars at TIFF [Metronews]

Interview Interview: Print TIFF 2014 - MTTS

Robert Pattinson speaks of how LA has changed, about a spiritual feel to Maps To The Stars, and liking “to do things that feel a little bit dangerous” in his film work.

Robert Pattinson with Metro News:
“This is the weirdest hotel ever,” says Robert Pattinson.

Interview: eOnline with Robert Pattinson and Julianne Moore at ‘Maps To The Stars’ TIFF Premiere

Interview: Live Interview: VIDEO Julianne Moore Robert Pattinson TIFF 2014 - MTTS Video

In this video, Rob Pattinson speaks with eOnline about music and his sister at the MTTS TIFF Premiere.


In this video, Julianne Moore talks with eOnline about working with Robert Pattinson.

Source:   eOnLine.com (Rob)  eOnLine.

Hollywood Film Awards: Julianne Moore Wins 2014 Hollywood Actress Award

Awards Julianne Moore

Congratulations Julianne Moore on your win of the 2014 Hollywood Actress Award for your lead role in Still Alice.

Her Maps To The Stars co-star Robert Pattinson was at the event too, presenting the Hollywood Director Award to Morten Tyldum of The Imitation Game.


The beautiful @_juliannemoore smiling bright before accepting the Hollywood Actress Award. #HollywoodAwards http://t.

Interview: Province with Robert Pattinson from TIFF Press Conference

Interview: Print Press Robert Pattinson TIFF 2014 - MTTS

Robert Pattinson

An interview of Robert Pattinson by Katherine Monk, Post media news, that appeared at two sites (see links below) from TIFF promo for Maps To The Stars.

At the end, I think Rob makes some insightful observations about being an actor and what the movie world cranks out these days.

Interview: ET Canada with Robert Pattinson at ‘Maps To The Stars’ TIFF Premiere

Interview: Live Robert Pattinson TIFF 2014 - MTTS

In this video, Robert Pattinson discusses limos, poutine, and his dream job with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel (and notes his natural musk.)


Interview: CBC Asks Cast About Their Worst Auditions at MTTS at TIFF Press Junket

Interview: VIDEO John Cusack Julianne Moore Robert Pattinson Sarah Gadon TIFF 2014 - MTTS Video

Mis-speaks, star-struck and bad singing highlight this video about bad auditions from Juliette Moore, Robert Pattinson, Sarah Gadon and John Cusack.


Please click THIS LINK  to watch the video.
Source:  CBC.

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