Stills Photographer: Caitlin Cronenberg – Links to Photos & Articles/Posts

Caitlin Cronenberg is the stills photographer for Maps to The Stars as she was for her father David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. This page brings links to posts we’ve made about her and her work at our sister fan site (and @cosmopolis_blog.)

We’ll be adding posts on this Maps To The Stars fan site you’re reading now as the production proceeds. See “still/clips” under the black menu bar above to keep up with the release of stills from this film. All posts on Caitlin-appearing from most recent to oldest- can always be found in a category link for her at right of this blog: Caitlin Cronenberg.

On this page, we’ve made it easy for you to find Caitlin online, and all posts BuckyW has made on her sites that focus on Caitlin– her photography and photoshoots she’s done with Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon. Rob and Sarah, of course, starred in both Cosmopolis and Maps To The Stars.

Here’s a brief bio on Caitlin Cronenberg:

After graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in fashion design, Toronto-born Caitlin Cronenberg decided to forgo the design world to pursue a career in photography, a field she has had a passion for since childhood. Starting out shooting for a local community newsmagazine as well as doing freelance work, she has since been published in an assortment of publications including L’Uomo Vogue, French Elle, Fashion, German Vanity Fair, Tatler, and Hello! Magazine as well as many Canadian newspapers. Last year she completed and self-published her first book of photography, Poser, and she is currently working on her second book, The Endings. ~Marek & Associat

Here’s where you can find Caitlin online, and two posts about her sites from our film sites:
OUR POST: Caitlin Cronenberg’s Website: Great Photos of Robert Pattinson & Sarah Gadon start her ‘new work’ slide show
OUR POST: Photographer Caitlin Cronenberg New Tumblr Blog (‘Cosmopolis’ BTS & Gadon Photos)


About Caitlin Cronenberg:

Caitlin Cronenberg’s Six Tips for Success; also speaks of being on her Dad’s sets; in the public eye
OUR POST: Shalom Life: Caitlin Cronenberg featured as a “Top 20 Under 40″ – Professional Photographer
Huffington Post: ‘The Endings’ Photographer Caitlin Cronenberg Documents Painful Breakups
MacLean’s: Caitlin Cronenberg’s pop-up photo exhibit exposes truths about MS


Photoshoots – Robert Pattinson:

OUR POST: Full Photoshoot Set – Robert Pattinson Photoshoot in Italian Men’s Vogue (L’Uomo Vogue)
OUR POST: Caitlin Cronenberg’s Online Photo Diary: Robert Pattinson at Cannes


Photoshoots – Sarah Gadon:

OUR POST: Letters & Photos – Caitlin Cronenberg & Sarah Gadon – The Lab Magazine
OUR POST: Photoshoot – Sarah Gadon shot in B&W – Caitlin Cronenberg for L’Uomo Vogue
OUR POST: Caitlin Cronenberg – Cannes Festival Photo Diary


Photoshoots – Other:

Caitlin Cronenberg Will be Taking Celeb Photos at TIFF – IT Lounge Portrait Studio (with W Magazine)
Photo of her father, David Cronenberg taken at TIFF Portrait Studio, September 2013. Source link to others at W Magazine

From the Set of ‘Cosmopolis':

OUR CATEGORY link: Official Stills – Cosmopolis
OUR POST: JoBlo: 15 Behind the Scenes ‘Cosmopolis’ Photos
OUR POST: Bullett Magazine: Behind the Scenes ‘Cosmopolis’ Photos by Caitlin Cronenberg
OUR POST: Official Cosmopollis Poster – Photo by Caitlin Cronenberg; Slant Magazine Review of Poster