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Maps To The Stars Mini-Bio: Naimh Wilson as “Sam”

Cast: Mini Bios Naimh Wilson

Niamh (pronounced “Neve”) Wilson is a Canadian actress.

She began her career while only in preschool. At the age of five she landed a role in a Warner Bros. pilot, Chasing Alice, playing the title character as a young girl. While the pilot did not result in a series, she met Ralph Hemecker, who was to direct her in Haunting Sarah two years later.

Maps To The Stars Cast: Mini-bios Collection (update 10/24/13)

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Here is our complete collection of mini-bios on the cast of  Maps To The Stars (each are posted separately on our site as well). Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon worked with David Cronenberg and Martin Katz before on 2012’s Cosmopolis (see our comprehensive blog:

We have also created “SPOTLIGHT bios” for in-depth information (and film trailers) on select cast members.

Maps To The Stars Mini-Bio: George Nickolas as “Dispatcher”

Cast: Mini Bios George Nickolas K.

George Nickolas L. plays “Dispatcher”
George Nickolas K. began performing at age five, making his first TV appearance as a lead actor at the age of 9. He was the youngest ever actor at 11 years old, to be accepted into a local, highly respected professional theater company.

Maps To The Stars Cast: Jennifer Gibson as ‘Starla Gent’

Cast: Mini Bios Jennifer Gibson

Jennifer Gibson plays “Starla Gent”
Jennifer Gibson began her career in Los Angeles, and has since worked in New York, Vancouver and Toronto. She has appeared in numerous TV series’ including The 4400, Degrassi: TNG, Nikita, and Lost Girl, among others.

Maps To The Stars Mini-Bio: Clara Pasieka as “Gretchen”

Cast: Mini Bios Clara Pasieka

Clara Pasieka plays “Gretchen”
Clara Pasieka is an actor, writer, and director. She has both film and television credits, including: Off2Kali, Murdoch Mysteries, Pretty Thing, Being Erica, My Babysitter’s a Vampire, and The Latest Buzz. Most recently, she’s wrapped on The Market, a gangster movie about 4 Wall Street bond traders who crash the market on purpose to make $12.6 billion.

Maps To The Stars Cast: Emilia McCarthy as “Kayla”

Cast Cast: Mini Bios Emilia McCarthy

Emilia McCarthy plays “Kayla”
Emilia is a multilingual Canadian actress, dancer and author, and yet still a teen! She began acting as a child, and has said, “Honestly it was just kind of a passion. I woke up one day and I’m like ‘Dad, Mom, I want to be an actor.’” She is likely best known for her role as fraternal twin, Alyssa Sworn in the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove.

Maps To The Stars Cast: Ari Cohen as “Jeb Berg”

Ari Cohen Cast Cast: Mini Bios

Ari Cohen plays “Jeb Berg”
Ari Cohen is a Canadian stage and TV actor, originally from Winnepeg, Manitob; he attended the University of Manitoba. Ari Cohen has had a diverse career spanning three decades with numerous credits in film, TV, and theater.  Ari Cohen has been noted for his portrayals of everymen, frequently (though not always) nice guy figures with warm and sincere personas.

Maps To The Stars Mini-Bio: Kiara Glasco as “Cammie”

Cast: Mini Bios Kiara Glasco

Kiara Glasco is a young, up-and-coming actress who started her acting career in 2012 in the TV movie Christmas Magic. She played small parts in a couple of TV shows following this but made her television debut in BBC America’s Copper; in which she plays Annie Reilly, a young orphan prostitute. She was nominated for her performance in this series in the 2013 ACTRA Awards.

Maps To The Stars Mini-Bio: Carrie Fisher as Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher Cast Cast: Mini Bios

Carrie Fisher plays herself!
Ms. Fisher has been famous as a film actress since her start in the mid-seventies, and is best known for her iconic role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy. Her debut was in Shampoo in 1975, which starred and was produced by Warren Beatty.

Maps To The Stars Mini-Bio: Amanda Brugel as “Victoria”

Amanda Brugel Cast Cast: Mini Bios

Amanda Brugel is a Canadian actress, who has performed in both TV and film. Her website notes that her film debut was across from Christopher Walken in Vendetta (1999). Amanda has starred in a variety of TV series including Seed, the hockey drama MVP and Paradise Falls. In 2013 she appeared in Seed as well as the shows Nikita and Covert Affairs.

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