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Two French fan sites have helped us English speakers enjoy interviews of director David Cronenberg and actor Julianne Moore for their film Maps To The Stars. The first video has French dubbing and it’s hard to hear the English. Pattinson Art Works put up quotes from it right away (and tweeted some). That site tweeted that the interview was done when David Cronenberg was in Paris a few days ago. Maps To The Stars France did a summary of the full two interviews. So here’s both.

There’s also a video of Julianne Moore’s interview with French subtitles. I have to check again, but I think the two videos of Julianne might not be exactly the same. I have embedded the video below.

Note what’s below from the two fan sites is not always verbatim quotes. It’s the sites’ relating the content as they listened to it. When I do it, I call it my notes on from listening to an interview. 

The Video can be watched at either of the fan sites sourced in the titles below or click for HERE to Watch at Canal+

Pattinson Art Works notes from listening to the video interview of David Cronenberg and Julianne Moore: 
  • Julianne says that everyone loves David Cronenberg in Cannes & his movies always are successful there. She is honored to go to Cannes with him.
  • David says it’s magical and exciting to go back to present a film at Cannes. He is proud to be a Canadian selected for Cannes Film Festival.
  • David loves the crazyness in the actors. That they are like children playing at being someone else.
  • Julianne says that David doesn’t like to repeat before a scene, he shoots very quickly and he rarely does more than one take.
  • David says he makes his films very simply. Two days after the shooting, editing was finished!
  • David recites the poem by Paul Eluard ‘Liberty’ in French and without mistakes :) The poem has some significance and special meaning in the film.
  • David said that the film gives a very dark interpretation of what is freedom in Hollywood but he says that we must go see the movie to find out more lol
  • About Rob and Mia, David says they are fantastic actors, they bring a freshness and a different way of seeing the world. Because they are Internet generation, they have very sharp mind and great wisdom for their age. He says he feels like a father or maybe a grandfather for them lol
  • David doesn’t have movie project for now, he has written a book and 5 producers have already called him to make a film of it


Here’s the video of Julianne Moore alone, with French subtitles. Much easier to hear what’s being said if you are an English speaker:

Maps To The Stars France’s full summary of the interview of David Cronenberg and Julianne Moore

Thanks for the tip that you had this summary up and allowing us to post. Please give a hit to Maps To The Stars France at the link above for hard and fast work of doing that! The French dubbed video is there to watch, too. ~BuckyW

Here is the essential of David Cronenberg’s and Julianne Moore’s interview:

David Cronenberg

He says that presenting a movie in Cannes is always a great pleasure. For him, all the 18 selected movies this year are great movies but it’s entertaining, exciting to give them prizes. It would be less interesting not to present his movie in the competition in Cannes.

He says that it’s fantastic to have three Canadian filmmakers in the competition (Xavier Dolan, Atom Egoyan and himself).

The host says that people compare Maps To The Stars with Robert Altman’s The Player David Cronenberg disagrees. Both of the movies are a satire about Hollywood but it’s superficial definition. The tone of the movie is really different. Hollywood has a huge presence in the movie but it’s more mythological one. In certains scenes, the Hollywood Sign is looking down the characters. They only shot five days in Hollywood.

He says it was very difficult for him to finance Maps To The Stars. He needed a decade with screenwriter Bruce Wagner.

He says it’s the first time he shot a movie in the States at his age (he’s 71). Dead Zone and A History Of Violence are about Hollywood too but they were shot in Canada.

Emotionally, shooting Maps To The Stars in the States, especially because the film is about Hollywood, was very significant for him. It’s quite rare that movies are shot in L.A contrary to TV series. Shooting in NYC (like for Cosmopolis) is cheaper than in L.A.

The host asks him if actors are crazy people. He answers that they need their madness but not the negative one. He compares the craziness with a sort of joy, enthusiasm … like kids. You can wear a false moustache or a hat and you speak a different language. It’s like children are playing to be somebody else. But at the same time, the actor has to be responsible like an adult. It’s a strange combination.

He says he shoots his movies very simply. Two days after he wrapped the shooting, the editing of the movie was done. He likes to shoot only one take like Julianne Moore said. The choregraphy for the actors is very simple and he uses a single camera. He trusts himself and uses very well his art. He can shoot his movies with a very small budget. Thanks to that, the actors are more confident and love that.

David Cronenberg speaks french at 13’40 and recites Paul’s Eluard poem! It’s about resistance and freedom during World War 2. At the beginning, it was for a woman but then it changed. Bruce Wagner was obsessed by it because he was also obsessed by a woman. He can’t talk about the signification the because he would reveal the end of the movie. But he says the poem’s intention in the movie is different from Paul Eluard’s one.The host says that the poem is maybe a metaphor about Hollywood and the difficulty of being free in this industry too. David Cronenberg agrees. He says people think that fame means freedom. But it’s not true. We can’t be free when you’re ‘jailed’ in Hollywood. The movie is a dark interpretation about the freedom in Hollywood.

Working with the young generation like Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska is very exciting and refreshing for him. Mia is young. He says they are wonderful actors from different horizons. Even if they are ‘the internet generation’, they’re very wise at their age. He feels like a father or a grand father!

He says he doesn’t have a new movie project yet. He wrote his first novel and five producers called him to offer him to make a movie. Maybe it will be his upcoming movie.

Julianne Moore

She says that it’s big honor to go to the Cannes Film Festival, especially with David Cronenberg. His movies are always successful and he is beloved there.

She is a big fan of David Cronenberg’s films. His imagination is limitless and he is ‘light’ (like a psychology professor according to the host, Laurent Weil). He likes people, making movies and pushing the imagination.

For her, playing an actress in a movie is quite mad (it’s a sort of introspection according the host) Screenwriter Bruce Wagner did an amazing job to understand and show the world of the industry because it’s a closed world and the characters’ narcissism. Her part (Havana Segrand) is desperate and fragile at the beginning of the movie. But then, she becomes more voracious, stronger, calmer but also more destructive. She likes very much this other side of her character. It’s fascinating for her.

The host asks her how she worked with David Cronenberg. She answers that he hates rehearsals. He shoots very quickly and very often only a take. At the end of her scenes, she had to beg him to shoot again. But he refused !

She says she doesn’t have any problem with nudity and sex because her part is very well defined. Bruce Wagner’s words and language is very specific in Maps To The Stars. Paul Eluard’s poem (Liberté) which is quoted in the movie, helped to work and structure her character.

The host says she got her star on the Walk of Fame last year. He asks her if it changed something for her. She says it’s funny. It’s an interesting success because it’s a physical manifestation of an idea. She doesn’t know if will have another signification in a long term but it actualizes something that is very ephemeral. She says she prefers living in New York and it’s nearer from Europe. L.A is a fun place to work.”


Sources:  Pattinson Art Words and Maps To The Stars France, links in the headline links above. Watch videos there. is source of the interview

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