David Cronenberg 3/10/14: Novel & New Movie Coming Out In Sept'; re: ‘Maps To The Stars’ & Cannes

David Cronenberg says he has both a novel and movie coming out in September. He also says the plans for Maps To The Stars re: Cannes is they will be there for “industry stuff” as there’s still some territories to sell. He repeats what we’ve heard before, the film has been submitted to the festival, that of course they hope to be in competition, but “we don’t know yet.”



FYI: I’ve have had an “International Release Dates” post in the top menu bar for the last month. Other than France with “May”, the dates are September 4th or 11th, and now there’s a Russian site that has listed a Premiere (Worldwide) date of September 4th, 2014. That site had had a September 25th date and has changed it recent weeks.

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