ROUNDUP POST #4: 2014 Most Anticipated Film Lists – for ‘Maps To The Stars’ Directed by David Cronenberg

Here’s my  fourth roundup post collecting articles (40 before this post) that have included David Cronenberg’s Maps To The Stars in a formal, or informal list of anticipated films in 2014. These are created by film sites, critics or bloggers. What I find is mostly English language (that’s all I speak!), but when I come across others, I translate with google and include. Of course, I don’t know the readership of  some of these sources, the point is they are film lovers looking at 2014’s slate and this film is making the cut. 

I’m going to try to dress up these round up posts now some with quotes and I love Barr’s photo from his list (we’ve all likely seen it before but it’s always fun!) Can you imagine, a David Cronenberg film in 3D? That’s how Videodrome’s TV felt to me all those years ago. 

Last edit made at top, 2 new listings: 3/19/14

Reel Fanatics  (1 0f 20)

Cronenberg’s last two films were forgettable, but I’ll always be excited for a new work from the director of Videodrome and The Fly. Like Cosmopolis, Maps to the Stars is a commentary on western culture but with a Hollywood bent. The big question: will there be any body horror?

Popshifter (1 of 20 “so far”)

There’s not a whole lot of detail on this film yet, but it takes a satirical look at celebrity-obsessed culture through the lives of the Weiss family, which includes a psychotherapist/self-help author and his overbearing wife and manager, their TV-star son just out of rehab, and their estranged daughter, recently released from a psychiatric hospital.

Temporary Title (1 of 25)

I think Cosmopolis was one of the biggest surprises for me in 2012. I’d not thought all that much of Eastern Promises and steered well clear of A Dangerous Method so it wasn’t as if Cronenberg was exactly on a roll at the time. And then there was the casting of Robert Pattinson, which seemed risky to say the least. The end result seemed to be fairly divisive (it sits at a shocking 5.0 on IMDb, no doubt thanks to appalled RPatz fans) but I loved it (it’s neck and neck with Holy Motors for my favourite film set in a limosuine) and the reinvention of Robert Pattinson as serious actor seems to be going tremendously well with roles in films directed by Werner Herzog, Anton Corbijn and James Cray all forthcoming. As well as, of course, Map to the Stars – an entirely bonkers sounding film that is set up to be a scathing attack on Hollywood. There’s an actress trying to remake the film that her mother famous but who is haunted by her mother’s ghost, her 13 year-old brother who’s a child star and drug addict, a pyromaniac sister, and the parents trying to preserve their dynasty. John Cusack, Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska and Carrie fisher, seemingly playing herself, are also in the mix.

MetaCritic (1 0f 50)

After hitting a hot streak of critical acclaim in the mid-2000s, veteran director David Cronenberg has cooled off in recent years, with his most recent film, the Don DeLillo adaptation Cosmopolis, failing to make much of an impression. His next film, Maps To The Stars, looks far more interesting, though it took the director over six years to get the project into production. A dark satire of celebrity culture and the film industry itself, the movie centers on a Hollywood family whose members and acquaintances are involved (variously) in pyromania, ghosts, self-help manuals, drug addiction, and—worse yet—child acting. The screenplay comes from Bruce Wagner (best known, perhaps, for Wild Palms), and the large ensemble cast includes John Cusack, Robert Pattinson (this time, playing the person who drives the limo), Julianne Moore, Carrie Fisher (playing herself), Mia Wasikowska, and Olivia Williams.

FilmFrak (#8 of 24)

The possibilities of Terence Malick exploring celebrity excess seem overwhelming. Now imagine a world in which Cronenberg, according to the imdb synopsis will take a “complex look at Hollywood and what it reveals about Western culture.” We live in that world.

Chris Hanna blog (honorable mention after top ten choices)

Spideysnewsblog, Germany (#8 of 10)

Focus (Belgium) (1 of 10)

David Cronenberg who’s daring to take on a celebrity satire? It sounds even stranger than the creatures he released into the world from his movies Videodrome, The Fly, Dead Ringers and Naked Linch, although the Canadian master showed with A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and Dangerous Method that he was capable of being far more than ‘just’ a Hollywood body horror king. What to expect? A disfunctional family tale about two former child stars, the entertainment industry and western civilization, with in the leading roles Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Mia Wasikowska and Twilight-hottie [really…!] Robert Pattinson. Via 

Cinema Magazine, Germany (one of Cinema Hits of 2014)

Film Junkies, Thomas, Germany (1 of 5)

Thomas is noted to be editor of the German site and films he selected  noted to be “in particular the works of his favorite directors.”

KinoPravda23 blog (1 0f 18)

Not much is known about the new Cronenberg film coming out next year. We do know he is reuniting with Cosmopolis star Robert Pattinson. Maps to the Stars also features Mia Wasikowska, Julianne Moore, and John Cusack. The screenplay is by Bruce Wagner, who wrote several episodes of State of the Union and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3:  Dream Warriors.

Oyster Mag Ian Barr  (1 of 10)

David Cronenberg directs Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Carrie Fisher (!), Mia Wasikowska and Robert Pattinson – the latter officially legit property after his terrifically droll lead turn in Cronenberg’s prior film — 2012’s divisive Cosmopolis. “A complex look at Hollywood and what it reveals about Western culture” reads the logline, and the film already has received a US R-Rating for “strong disturbing violence,” further suggesting that it’s as cynical and caustic as the combination of director and subject matter promises. Via

“…and Robert Pattinson – the latter officially legit property after his terrifically droll lead turn in Cronenberg’s prior film — 2012’s divisive Cosmopolis.”~Oyster Mag


Sources: I found as linked above, unless otherwise indicated, as “Via”. German language finds often come from @holdontome10. @Popculture from @sallyvg.



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