VIDEOS: Viggo Mortensen, Jeremy Irons on David Cronenberg – Short tributes re: TIFF exhibit on Director

Here’s Viggo Mortensen (History of Violence, Eastern Promises, A Dangerous Method) and Jeremy Irons (M. Butterfly, Dead Ringers) speaking of David Cronenberg’s work being recognized by TIFF with its own exhibit (and tour to follow). Both men say wonderful things. On a more superficial note, both men have glorious smiles… So I’ve got quotes here but you should watch!

Viggo Mortensen thinks it’s great that David Cronenberg has the Cronenberg Project exhibit at TIFF, and expects it to be well-received in other places where it will tour.

Viggo’s quite charming when he makes this comment:

“Maybe they should try to rent out some space in the American Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to show it and educate some people there too. This is David Cronenberg- a great director, from Canada, who knew?” He’s good, really!”

Does that sound like Viggo Mortensen is telling Hollywood to “get with the program” and recognize a great director?  Does to me and sounds like a good idea. Another quote:

“In France he has a demi-God status, also I would say, deservedly. [..] also in other countries. He’s worshipped in Argentina.”

Source: YouTube Via @pausner


Jeremy Irons homes in on on David Cronenberg’s original mind:

“[Cronenberg] is such an important figure in Canadian filmmaking, he’s such an original mind in international filmmaking. He is a real star director in that. A David Cronenberg film is unmistakable in this world of homogeneity.”

The first sentence is so true, isn’t it? Typing his words into this quote doesn’t capture how he speaks of Cronenberg here:

“People spent so much time in life celebrating things that are really not worthwhile. David is worthwhile. David’s view on the world is worthwhile. His movies are exceptional and individual.”

His final words are quite powerful, too; you should watch the video.

Source: Youtube Via @pausner


If you’d like to learn more about the TIFF’s Cronenberg: Evolution exhibit:

I have a collection of posts for you, located at my You can access them there by clicking on the photo of David Cronenberg at the right here, or by clicking THIS LINK to get you to the same place.

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