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We were so thrilled to learn, that in addition to IndieWire’s The Playlist, that the highly regarded Premiere France noted our film fan site in its recent reporting on Maps To The Stars. They also hyperlinked to us. They were reporting on the additional story information provided by The Wrap, and The Playlist‘s comments on a possible rollout scenario for the film in 2014.

As we noted in our post on The Playlist’s story, it’s nice to be noticed of course. But it’s also nice to see word getting out that there’s a fan site for the film with broad information on the production, the director, the story/themes and full ensemble of actors. As we did with our Cosmopolis film fan site, we’ll always work hard to be a comprehensive resource, as well as bring readers original material to enhance the experience of following a film.


From google translate (go to source link below for the original French):

David Cronenberg tackles the Hollywood system in this drama mixing cinema, corruption and madness.

We know a little more about the new project of David Cronenberg, Maps to the Stars. Billed as a blow against the Hollywood movie system, the next feature film from the director of Cosmopolis, which has just started filming, aligns an impressive cast. Top two players already in his previous film: Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon. Julianne Moore, John Cusack, and Mia Wasikowska will also star in the drama.

We knew far as Maps to the Stars would turn around a ghost story and the cult of celebrity in Hollywood. But thanks to The Wrap, it now has a clearer idea of ​​the first film shot in the United States by Canadian filmmaker:

“This is a contemporary tale that explores the demons of a celebrity-obsessed society. The history of the Weiss family, led by Stafford (John Cusack), a psychotherapist and particularly coach who built his fortune on personal development books. His wife (Olivia Williams) is both the mother and the manageress of their 13 year old son (Evan Bird), a TV star just out of rehab. Mia Wasikowska (who plays his sister) she comes out of a psychiatric hospital. She will befriend a limo driver (Robert Pattinson) who dreams of becoming a star Julianne Moore cinéma.Quant it embodies Havana, one of the clients of Stafford. An actress with a new assistant very special. Havana’s dream is to take the role that has made known his dead mother (Sarah Gadon) in a film of the 60s, but it gets lost in this vicious desire, obsessed with a dead mother figure that haunts …

Mapstothestars-, the fansite film also tells us that filming is expected to last 30 days from Toronto to Los Angeles. The site also mentions a statement to Entertainment One released during Cannes 2013, which gives more details on the scenario. We learn that the son (named Benjie) came at the age of 9 years in rehab and her sister Agatha (Mia Wasikowska so) was detained for criminal arson. The official profile of the film (on the website of Entertainment One) focuses on the terms corruption, manipulation and destruction as keywords of this drama looks intense.

If no release date is still unknown to this day, The Playlist put on the fall of 2014 and dream of a premiere in Cannes.

Source: thanks to @Pattinson_AW for tweeting this to fans of the film and informing us of it.


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