PremiereFR May Cannes Edition: Robert Pattinson Photoshoot Outtakes (f/ May 2012)

We thought we’d revisit a photshoot from this time last year, when David Cronenberg’s and Robert Pattinson’s first film together premiered at Cannes.

Here’s from our post at blog from that time:  The photographer for the Premiere France Cannes edition cover and photoshoot -Eliot Lee Hazel-  published outtakes on his webpage. You can view them here, and at his site along with a portfolio of other work Here.  

[Please see this post for the magazine’s commentary on the shoot-  Premiere France’s comments on Robert Pattinson’s Cannes Edition Cover and Photoshoot for information on the shoot.


We soughts a bit of information about Mr. Hazel’s work and found this site had this to say:

Photographer #219
Eliot Lee Hazel, 1971, UK, is a California based photographer. He makes gritty and cinematic images. They are well composed, stylish yet have a raw edge. He has worked for various musicians like Morcheeba, Yeasayer and Basement Jaxx and with actresses as Shannyn Sossamon. His images are fragments of stories told, triggering the brain to start associating. Eliot’s images can be compared to cliffhangers, raising more questions than answers.

We can see what the writer observes about his visual style in the set of photos. With the knowledge that this photoshoot was designed as an homage to Cronenberg films (Robert Pattinson’s idea as posted Here) these photos are not so much cliffhangers when you know the references. We definitely see, however, how the images present “fragments of stories told.” We think the grittiness of the images fit very well for the subject matter, and make for a very interesting, fresh look at Mr. Pattinson.

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